the sad loss of Don mcmanus

It is with great sadness that the London Welsh RFC community this week has learnt of the death in Brisbane, Australia of Don McManus who played for London Welsh from the early 1970s until the mid 1980s.

Don was a stalwart of the Dragons XV for most of his playing career including two seasons as their captain. He also played for the Druids XV on many occasions and probably for every LW team down to the Occasionals. Don was a leader both on and off the field and many of those from around that era will remember Don well and fondly.

John Richard was a contemporary of Dons throughout the 70s, although he remebers spending most of his playing days (1971 to 1981) in the A’s below Don, he remembers crossing the whitewash with him as a great friend and team mate.

Whilst at LW, Don was a lecturer at Imperial College specialising in parasitology. He left the UK in the late 80s to work at the Queensland Institute for Medical Research where he became one of the Worlds leading parasitologists., publishing numerous papers and being bestowed membership of various learned organisations.

His wife (Hawys) made contact with the club this week to inform us of Don’s passing and has asked that we let his many friends at LW know. In her email she said that Don described his times at LW as some of his happiest in life.

Our thoughts are with Don, Hawys and the family as we remember our close community and the people that have been a part of it (past and present).

Iechyd Da Don, Nos Da

Danny Griffiths for and on behalf of London Welsh RFC


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