The rain held off as the Women of London Welsh travelled across London to play the East London Vixens away.

London Welsh started the game kicking off to the left. East London caught it and passed it around before East London’s 12 got the ball and ran it through the London Welsh defence and scored under the posts. 7-0

London Welsh regrouped and made some tactical changes to make sure the defence was tighter.

London Welsh again kicked off and chased it up as a line. The defence was now tighter and London Welsh didn’t allow any run away breaks. The ball goes out and East London had a line out in the Welsh 10. London Welsh, again, keeping the defence tight manages to get a turnover. This allows Welsh to work back up the pitch and the start getting the ball out wider. However, a penalty against Welsh at the scrum puts East London back in contention.

Welsh are working hard in defence making some big tackles and they manage to get another turnover. Welsh are making good ground with the ball, forwards driving through tackles and the backs running round defenders. Welsh have got a penalty and Jenni makes a great kick into the corner.

Welsh manage to maul the line out but it doesn’t make it to the line so the jacks take it out and continue to test the East London defence. After a few more forwards ball, some miners and lots of attacks to the line Rhi Ellis drives it over and puts the balls down. 7-5

London Welsh receive, it is kicked straight to Nat who runs the ball straight back to East London. London Welsh are working their way up the pitch, but an unfortunate knock on gives East London the scrum.

East London solid in attack using their width well and cutting back in to break the line.
Welsh give away some unfortunate penalties in their 15 and which gives East London the opportunity to take another converted try 14-5

Welsh kick off and some great pressure leads East London to knock the ball on. London Welsh are carrying well with the backs supporting the forwards and a mix of great interplays between the forwards and the backs gives London Welsh the opportunity to get it out to Courtney (borrowed player) on the wing who runs it all the way in to give London welsh a converted try under the posts. 14-12

East London find themselves in Welsh’s 22 again with a line out. A strong maul and East London are driving Welsh back. A quick step by the scrum half down the blindside gives East London another converted try. 19-12

Before half time East London find space around the outside of London Welsh’s defence and get another try 24-12

Half time
After half time London Welsh receive and take it up to East London, but London Welsh not tightening up enough in defence and East London being great at the ruck and taking every opportunity to steal the ball back leave to two East London tries making the score 29-12 then 36-12

London Welsh are now down to 14 players but at still pulling together and keeping their heads up. East London receive kick off with a but let it roll before running it back giving London Welsh time to blitz up. London Welsh get the ball back and start to push up again but another knock on gives East London the scrum. Welsh drop to have 7 in the scrum but still hold on and hold East London scrum.  East London have some good carries and again their 12 breaks the line, this time Courtney chases back and makes a try saving tackle. London Welsh are strong defensively but East London still manage another try. 41-12

London Welsh kicked off to East London and again the pressure of the London Welsh line causes East London to knock the ball on. London Welsh with a few penalty advantages puts Welsh in the East London 22 but a quick take and a kick from Welsh, a lack of support and East London managing to turn it over gave East London another opportunity to run it back under the posts for another converted try. 49 -12

London Welsh have one final play after kick off and they manage to get a penalty due to the East London player receiving the ball offside. Although Welsh are close to the line, being down to 14 players and some of the team holding on, Welsh kick the ball out and end the game.

1. Rhi Ellis (FOTM)
2. Elanor Evans
3. Serena Bailey
4. Karina Lo Dico
5. Nat Smith (FOTM)
6. Jenni McGivney
7. Helena Potts
8. Kat Lee
9. Jemima Venning
10. Paula Cooper
11. Courtney (Gravesend)
12. Holly (Gravesend) (BOTM)
13. Kat U (C)
14. Anna Willis
15. Issy Barclay


Date Time League Season Full Time
November 12, 2023 2:00 pm Women's NC1 : South East (North) 2023/24 80'


Holland Road
Holland Road, West Ham, London Borough of Newham, London, Stratford, Greater London, England, E15 3BP, United Kingdom


ClubPenalty GoalsPoints
East London Vixens048
London Welsh Women012

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