57 - 12


Match Report – London Welsh vs Bournemouth.
From the Bournemouth kick-off play went back and forth with possession. Welsh had a very
good opportunity which failed with a poor pass to the wing only yards from the Bournemouth
line. By ten minutes into the game Welsh were stringing together some good carries and
well-timed passes which resulted in an overlap and a try for Adam Dunne in the right corner.
Matt Hodgson’s conversion attempt failed. Score 5 – 0
Welsh kept up the pressure running the ball at every opportunity and after a further five
minutes produced another overlap for Adam Dunne to score from a few yards out. Matt
Hodgson’s conversion sneaked in by virtue of a ricochet off one post. Score 12 – 0
After the restart Bournemouth fought back really hard, keeping possession but finding it
nearly impossible to make any ground in between tackles. At twenty five minutes in the
Welsh gained possession and in the general forward movement the ball ended up in Sam
Johnson’s hands and he put on a remarkable burst of speed to score under the posts from
thirty yards out. Converted by Matt Hodgson. Score 19 – 0
Five minutes later Bournemouth got the ball to their full back beyond the Welsh players and
he scored near the posts. The try was successfully converted. Score 19 – 7
Seconds after the restart Welsh were running at Bournemouth again and only lost out on
what looked to be a certain try by knocking the ball on. Bournemouth were playing very
determinedly but were finding it hard to make progress in the face of ferocious tackling by
the Welsh; all credit to them for their keeping possession in attacks which were often not
making any ground. At thirty seven minutes Welsh gained possession and ran with the ball
constantly. After Sam Johnstone’s success all the Welsh players seemed to want to have a
go at carrying the ball through the opposition, and we were treated to the sight of Andy Black
creating a clear run to within a couple of yards of the Bournemouth line. He was rewarded
for his effort by a try for Matt Hodgson with the recycled ball. He converted his own try. Score
26 – 7
No further score in the minute or so left of the first half. For the second half Tom Willams was
replaced by Gareth Lewis. A couple of minutes into the half there was some trouble between
a small group of Welsh and Bournemouth players well off the play. The consequence of this
was a certain fieriness in the play of aggrieved Welsh players which produced some
determined running which ended with a score for Elis Staines. Not converted. Score 31 – 7
From the kick-off Bournemouth collected the ball but were progressively pushed back from
set piece to set piece, when suddenly the Welsh had possession and Adam Dunne broke
through Bournemouth’s ranks for another try. Matt Hodgson converted. Score 38 – 7
At the restart Sam Johnson was replaced by Jack Parkhurst. A couple of minutes later Adam
Nixon was replaced by Ed Crossley for his first team debut. For the next few minutes we
were treated to some exciting running by the Welsh team which produced a try for Tom Hunt;
He completely wrong-footed the defence, and confounded the spectators, by stopping briefly
only yards from the try line and then diving past the defence. Not converted. Score 43 – 7
After the restart Bournemouth gained possession and produced a continuous movement
across the width of the field, with their outside half impressively handling the ball every other
pass by looping round the ball carrier repeatedly. This resulted in a score for their back line
on their right wing. Not converted. Score 43 – 12

Soon after the restart Sam Johnson came back on as replacement for an injured Gareth
Davies. Welsh continued with their driving and running game and set Andy Black up for a try
from a rolling maul following a line-out. Converted by Matt Hodgson. Score 50 – 12
Not long after the restart there was a long delay for an injury to the Bournemouth outside half
following a period of intense pressure from Bournemouth inside the Welsh half. Welsh
defended against repeated attacks from Bournemouth inside the twenty metre line, and then
launched a counter-attack having gained possession in their own half, Adam Dunne scoring
his fourth try of the match. Converted by Matt Hodgson. Score 57 – 12
Ed Couzens had to leave the field injured just before the last try was scored, but I never saw
a replacement on the pitch. Perhaps they didn’t bother? The match concluded a minute or so
It is obvious that Welsh have tremendous depth of talent in the Performance Squad and
many of the players are able to play effectively in more than one position. The latter half of
the season has also seen a tremendous improvement in the Welsh defence. This has to be
one of the most exciting teams in the league to watch.
The team: Chay Bailey (1), Connor Botha (2), Sam Johnson (3), Tom Douglas (4), Ed
Couzens (5), Andy Black (6), Charlie Bramble (7), Tom Williams (8), Adam Nixon (9), Matt
Hodgson (10), Adam Dunne (11), Dafydd Manley (12), Elis Staines (13), Jacob Butler (14),
Tom Hunt (15); Replacements Gareth Lewis, Jack Parkhurst, Ed Crossley.



Date Time League Season Full Time
March 16, 2024 3:00 pm Regional 1: South Central 2023/24 80'


Old Deer Park
Oxenhouse Lane, Kew, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, London, Greater London, England, TW9 2AS, United Kingdom


ClubPenalty GoalsPoints
London Welsh057

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