London Welsh Careers HUB: succeed on the field, excel off it!

The LWRFC Careers Hub 

“Succeed on the field, excel off it”

Jonathan Ilori

What were you looking for when you approached the LWRFC Careers Hub?

I was looking for some guidance on the direction of my career. I’ve run a company for a number of years but never really had any form of mentorship. I really needed somebody to bounce ideas off.

How did the Careers Hub help?

The Hub gave me clarity on my career path and some viable options for me to explore.  I left the first conversation immediately feeling more confident of my abilities and skills. I was provided with advice on what direction I could go, in addition to feedback on various opportunities I was actively exploring.

How would you describe the overall experience and net result of engaging with the Careers Hub?

The overall experience was great! I eventually evaluated several career opportunities and with the help of the Hub chose the right one that will support my intended path and goals. It can be very hard to find a mentor – you almost don’t know where to start! I’m very fortunate to have been connected with the Hub.


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