London Welsh Careers HUB: succeed on the field, Excel off it – Griff Whitson!

The LWRFC Careers Hub Update

“Succeed on the field, excel off it”

Griff Whitson – Mentee Case Study

What were you looking for when you approached the Hub?

At the time, I was struggling with both my job and career direction. I didn’t know what options were open to me and the best way to pursue them.

How did the Hub help?

Initially, I was fortunate enough to have a number of introductory calls with the Hub where we dug into the key attributes of both what I wanted in a role, and what I didn’t. This helped us formulate a clear vision on which to base my ongoing job search.

Given my desired pathway into financial services, the Hub kindly linked me up with a mentor with extensive experience of operating within financial services. Since, we’ve shared a few coffees where he’s offered me some really valuable industry-specific guidance.

Around 6 months ago, I made the decision to apply for a new role which is where the Hub really came into its own! Throughout the application process, the Hub was always willing to help me, whether it was interview prep, proof-reading my application and role plays, which ensured I felt confident going into the 5 stage interview process, where I eventually landed the role.

How would you describe the overall experience and net result of engaging with the hub?

I had an incredibly valuable and insightful experience at the Hub and with its range of distinguished mentors and coaches, I was able to up-skill myself which was pivotal in securing my job!



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