Player List

James DowningLondon Welsh 1st XVSecond Row
Rhys HowellsLondon Welsh 1st XVCentre
Jacob ButlerLondon Welsh 1st XVCentre
Sion CowdyLondon Welsh 1st XVWing
Osian McAvoyLondon Welsh 1st XVFly-half
Iwan HumphreysLondon Welsh 1st XVCentre
Ewan GullyLondon Welsh 1st XVCentre, Full-back
Alice GaynerLondon Welsh WomenLock, Prop
Dafydd ManleyLondon Welsh 1st XVCentre, Fly-half
Ben DaviesLondon Welsh 1st XVFlanker
Hywell WilliamsLondon Welsh 1st XVScrum-half
Gareth LewisLondon Welsh 1st XVHooker
Alison SmithLondon Welsh WomenCentre, Fly-half
Anita MorganLondon Welsh WomenProp
Bethan WilliamsLondon Welsh WomenWing
Bianca SaintyLondon Welsh WomenFlanker, Number Eight
Christina DombrowskiLondon Welsh WomenFlanker, Hooker, Number Eight, Prop, Second Row
Elise MensahLondon Welsh WomenCentre
Eloise NewtonLondon Welsh WomenFull-back, Scrum-half
Emma DannLondon Welsh WomenFlanker, Number Eight
Gemma SwainLondon Welsh WomenFlanker, Lock, Number Eight
Hannah ClarkeLondon Welsh WomenProp
Heidi JamesLondon Welsh WomenWing
Helena DugganLondon Welsh WomenFlanker
Isia StoreyLondon Welsh WomenFull-back
Jemima VenningLondon Welsh WomenScrum-half
Jenni McGivneyLondon Welsh WomenHooker, Lock
Kat UnderhillLondon Welsh WomenWing
Lorrell WatsonLondon Welsh WomenCentre
Louise NorrisLondon Welsh WomenHooker
Nat SmithLondon Welsh WomenNumber Eight
Paula CooperLondon Welsh WomenFlanker, Fly-half
Adam Nixon-Scrum-half
Rhiannon OwenLondon Welsh WomenScrum-half, Wing
Ruth BartonLondon Welsh WomenScrum-half
Sara SennitLondon Welsh WomenWing
Serena BaileyLondon Welsh WomenProp
Tom WilliamsLondon Welsh 1st XVNumber Eight
Seren JonesLondon Welsh WomenWing
Zoe JeanesLondon Welsh WomenFlanker, Number Eight
Ben WestLondon Welsh 1st XVFlanker, Lock
Lewis TuckerLondon Welsh 1st XVFlanker, Number Eight
Ed CouzensLondon Welsh 1st XVSecond Row
Carys EvansLondon Welsh WomenFlanker
Cassie BeynonLondon Welsh WomenScrum-half, Wing
Kathryn LeeLondon Welsh WomenFlanker
Karis MullordLondon Welsh Women
Kat CrawfordLondon Welsh WomenCentre, Wing
Hannah GarbettLondon Welsh WomenProp
Allie Elliott-RouseLondon Welsh WomenFlanker, Full-back
Michael Lambert GriffithsLondon Welsh 1st XVProp
Andy BlackLondon Welsh 1st XVProp
Rohan PixleyLondon Welsh 1st XVFlanker, Number Eight
Andy MayLondon Welsh 1st XVHooker
Jack AndersonLondon Welsh 1st XVFlanker, Number Eight

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