Jack Burnett

What were you looking for when you approached the Hub?

When I approached the London Welsh Careers Hub, I wanted to get a better understanding of the working world and advice from people that have already achieve it. This is because I had just dropped out of university, and had only been exposed to school and university life.

How did the Hub help?

The London Welsh Hub setup has really helped me as I did not have much experience of the working world. Firstly, the Hub helped me by showing me how much of a family London Welsh RFC is, not having joined the Club at the time yet they were happy to let me come in and speak to them about my aspirations, whilst advising me where they could help. I knew London Welsh had a good connection with Chestertons, which is one of the Club sponsors, and I felt this was a great way for me to get my foot into such a well-known property company in London. The way they helped me was first getting to know me, and from that deciding what was the best possible way for me to approach job opportunities, whether that was practicing for interviews or sharing their past experiences and how to adapt to the working world. This really helped me, as I did not have much experience ,and it made me feel a lot more confident when going for my interview at Dexter’s. The help the Hub gave me on honing my skills was the main reason behind me getting my first job as a Property Manager at Dexter’s, and I have continued to use these skills in my job whether that is talking to landlords or tenants.

How would you describe the overall experience and net result of using the Hub?

The way I would describe my overall experience with the Hub is that it has been extremely beneficial. In my experience as someone who is just starting off in their working career, and has not had much experience of the working life, I feel this sets me apart from people my own age as they would not get this level of extra support. 

If I can give anyone some advice, I’d advise them that London Welsh RFC are prepared to give more support than any other rugby club in London to support its players in the next stage in adulthood.


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