Iwan Bowen Rees

What were you looking for when you approached the Hub?

I reached out to the Hub after hearing about how useful it had been to a few other boys, and how they had moved into different roles using the Hub network. My original goal was to see if the Hub could support me in finding a new role as I had some frustrations with my current role and was looking for a change. I was also keen to learn more about different industries and wanted to see if the Hub would enable me to do this.

How did the Hub help?

lthough I’ve remained in my current role, the Hub has really helped me understand and focus on what areas of my role excite me and what I’m interested in. Haydn and Pete were really supportive throughout the process and enabled me to think differently about what I was looking for and constantly challenged me. To start with, we went through different companies in the consulting industry, and looked at some of the positives and negatives of those companies. This allowed me to understand more about a range of different companies and seeing which companies interested me. As a result of the brief audit we did, I was particularly interested in learning more about the management consultancy industry and specifically the ‘big three’ management consulting companies. After I expressed my curiosity to learn more, Pete and Haydn were able to set up an informal meeting with a current partner within the ‘big three’ so that I could learn more about the company and their culture. They also ran through a brief mock interview scenario which was hugely beneficial, and I learnt a lot about the application process and some tips for succeeding.

How would you describe the overall experience and net result of using the Hub?

I would describe the Hub as a friendly, safe environment to speak about your current role, any challenges you may be facing and what other opportunities there are. I’ve really appreciated being able to speak with somebody at a Management Consultancy firm and understand his perspective on his current company, but also gain valuable insights into the industry. Furthermore, he was able to give great advice on how best to prepare if I was going to apply for a role in the industry. I think the overall net result for me is that I’ve been able to explore other companies and discuss this with Haydn, Pete and the Hub network in a professional and very friendly way, which has enabled me to work out what I’m looking for longer term. I’m very grateful to Haydn, Pete and the Hub network for giving up their time to support me in working out my next steps in my career.


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