Exiles welcome & vote ‘yes’ for wru reforms at EGM

A statement from our Chairman – Danny Griffiths

London Welsh are delighted that common sense has prevailed and that 97% of Welsh Rugby Union member clubs have voted in favour of the much needed changes to the WRU governance structure in Wales.

As a WRU member club we attended the EGM this week along with all other eligible member clubs; supporting the proposed changes wholeheartedly.

As a club we are immensely proud of our long and distinguished history and the contribution that we have made to Welsh Rugby dating back to 1885. We are also acutely aware of the contribution that the Welsh Rugby Union has made to us as a club.

However, whilst we are steeped in tradition and always drawing inspiration from our past, we have also learnt that to survive in the modern world of Rugby Union, drastic change is sometimes needed to adapt and survive.

We offer our sincerest congratulations to all at the WRU. The last couple of months has been very testing for the union and indeed all member clubs. However, timely, critical and progressive decisions have now been made; decisive action has been taken.

Now is a time to support the Union and to come together as a collective to support the implementation of necessary change. We are 100% behind the progress made and behind the WRU. We know better than most that mistakes in Sport are easily made, it is how we react, reflect and learn – upon which we will be judged.



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