Aaron Hopkins

What were you looking for when you approached the Hub?

When I approached the Hub I was looking for help with job searching. I had recently dropped out of for me, I was looking for more guidance on a career change not necessarily just employment.  Pete and Haydn have a wealth of experience and wisdom between them. They helped change my mindset in terms of what I wanted from a career and how best to approach tackling the hurdles that I was facing, in terms of qualifying my own attributes and skill set, and how best to apply them to a potential pathway and eventual interview process.

How did the Hub help?

Again for me, I was potentially in a slightly different spot to other candidates that approach the Club. I had played for the Club previously in the beginning of the professional era, and had already made the transfer into the real world, landing in property where I have been working at various roles over the last 6-7 years. When I approached Pete and Haydn I wasn’t looking for a potential job change, but actually looking for some mentorship on making the transition from professional sport to industry, and the potential of another industry change which I am still in the process of working through. Pete and Haydn are very experienced and asked me a series of questions and gave me an exercise where I went away and challenged myself to ask the ‘Why’ question and more importantly the ‘how’?

How would you describe the overall experience and net result of using the Hub?

The Hub is an invaluable tool for players who are involved with the Club.  Rugby creates wonderful comradery on the pitch and as such we have a very tight family environment off the pitch too.  A Club as rich in history as London Welsh has always looked after their players on and off the field; its simply the right way to do things, and for me as an older player coming back to the club I have found their guidance a huge comfort and help. As I look to solve my own problems, I also look to pass on my own experiences to others within the Club who may benefit. I can only imagine what a huge help this is not just in helping young men find employment, but giving them the potential tools to become better individuals with the scope to be content in their own career/ life path and then ultimately give back to the club by helping others!


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